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   Previously, I shared how I found glaring inconsistencies in the belief system of people who do not believe in the Creator. However, those puzzling questions are not the foundation upon which my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ rests. I have many wonderful and personal testimonies of what brought me to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible. One such testimony arises from a stormy time in my life. I had seen and heard the lies from detractors and disputers who spoke against the credibility of the King James Bible, and the Christian faith. Their lies caused me to do some serious soul searching. I began to question my own beliefs. Was I brainwashed as they so claimed? Were these people right? Could I actually be a member of a cult? Me? A cult member? As a teenager, I remember a bumper sticker that said, QUESTION AUTHORITY!  Alright then, if they say so, I'll have to question authority. Now, first of all, if you are telling me what to do, you then are giving orders. You are placing yourself in an authoritative role. So then I began to question the one who was telling me to QUESTION AUTHORITY. I began to question the beliefs and intentions of the detractors of my faith and the Bible. What enlightenment were they trying to bring me to? When I learned what they believed in, I was too stunned. In short, It was like too much space cadet stuff for me to accept. Sadly though, I was still questioning my own belief system. I needed some clarity. I needed understanding that was beyond my level of intelligence or that of my detractors. So I went in prayer to the very God that my detractors claimed did not exist. Now why in the world would I do that? Simple. Because God had already done marvelous miracles in my life. Well then, you might ask, "If He did, then why were you in a quandary about your faith?" Good question, now let me explain. There are times when people of faith already have the answers to questions that puzzle them, however, what is needed is the Spirit of the Lord of Heaven to (lead) them to the answer that they are seeking. For instance, the Lord Jesus Christ said of John the Baptist that there was no greater prophet than he. However, even John the Baptist had a moment when he needed Jesus to settle his mind, and to clear out any doubt of Christ's deity. In short John obviously had faith in Jesus, he believed, but he needed to know in whom he believed in. Indeed, in 2 Timothy, chapter 1, and verse 12, Apostle Paul wrote; for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. I was at a crossroads in my walk with God, and I needed persuading that only Christ the King could grant me. I suppose one way to describe my lack of unwavering faith could be that I had found a way to doubt the Perfect God. Yet, even in my flawed state, the Spirit of the Lord was able to reach out to me through the scriptures. One such scripture was found in Hebrews, chapter 11, and verse 6, which reads; Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. I already knew that the detractors were wrong, I just didn't have suitable responses for their accusations. So then, I basically asked the Lord to reveal to me, (1), proof that He was the One True God,  (2), that the Lord Jesus Christ is God alone, and (3), I asked that He would reveal it to me in the very Bible that the lying detractors said was nothing more than a book of myths. Fast Forward to the heart of the matter, which reveals why I believe without a doubt that Jesus is God alone and not the second person in a so called trinity, and that the Holy Bible is indeed the written inspired Word of God. A key verse is found in the book of Revelation, chapter 19, now look at the latter clause of verse 10. It reads, worship God: for the testimony of JESUS is the Spirit of prophecy.  Now whether you are friend or foe, know this, there is nothing in evolutionary science that can refute the testimony of JESUS, which is the Spirit of prophecy. I do not hate science. In fact many people who openly admitted their faith in Jesus Christ were pioneers in science. I find it suspicious how todays scientists never mention these great thinkers, or even that Harvard was started by believers in Christ. It is insulting to hear these peacocks croon about their intellect, while they openly deny the builders of the foundations upon which they now stand. More to the point, I believe that the late Bishop R. C. Lawson said it best when He said, "They are always trying to outlaw God!" What I know is that God has proven to all who read "the Book" or the Bible that He has flawlessly foretold humanity of the things to come upon the inhabitants of this world, for years, decades, centuries and even thousands of years before they came to pass. Nothing in evolutionary science can stop His prophecies from coming to pass, nothing. Even when I didn't believe in God, He still remained God! Indeed, in Romans, chapter 3, verse 3, it reads; For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? Verse 4 reads, God forbid: Nope, God did not stop being God just because people don't believe in Him. Now the Spirit of Prophecy is immutable, or immovable. People doubt the existence of Christ Jesus, yet the things He foretold came to pass, and are coming to pass even as we speak. People doubt the Bible, yet humanity is doing exactly what the scriptures foretold.  A frightening example of such precise prophecies can be seen in Revelation, chapter 21, and verse 8. It reads, But the fearful, unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. This verse is a snap shot of the condition of what the world has become. Though it was written by Apostle John nearly two thousand years ago, the precision of the prophetic glimpse is staggering. What is rarely mentioned by many Bible teachers is the word, sorcerers.  The ancient texts were written in Greek. The Greek word ( pharmakeus )  is what the English writers derived the word, sorcerers from. What is astonishing is that the Greek word ( pharmakeus ) has several meanings, such as Pharmacy, pharmacist, druggist, poisoner, and sorcerer. In Revelation 21:8, the word "sorcerer" ( Greek word is pharmakeus ) is one who uses drugs to induce pseudo-religious fantasies and occult experiences. The Lord Jesus Christ revealed to apostle John that the day would come when mankind would seek pleasure through pharmaceutical drugs, prescription drugs, more specifically, narcotics, a word which is also derived from the previously mentioned Greek word. Sorcerers were known to cast spells on people, or to expose people to spirits that would totally change the personality of those that paid for their services. This is exactly what drug dealers do for their paying customers. They expose them to drugs that so drastically alter the chemical balance in their brains that their personality is completely different. In short, the global drug epidemic was foretold nearly 2,000 years ago. Now how does that happen? How does a book of myths have such irrefutable proof in it's pages? Looking again at verse 8 of the 21st chapter of Revelation, the word, "whoremongers," was derived from the Greek word, Pornos. Does that sound familiar? The Greek word Pornos refers to men who practice sex with many female partners, thus promoting sexual activity outside of marriage. It is no small wonder that many men in today's society label their own sexually promiscuous behavior with the term, "pimping!" Though these persons speak out of ignorance, they, nonetheless are accurate in their self description. That Greek word pornos is also the word from which the word Pornography is derived. The explosion of pornography over the last fifty years or so is mind boggling. The word murderers in verse 8 does not refer to slayings that occur in self-defense or warfare, but rather of willful criminal homicide. Most of us once liked watching the news, but now we are left speechless at the number of senseless deaths due to murders. Many people have forsaken marriage as something that is outdated. Oddly though, men who live with a woman outside of marriage seem to be more violent towards them. Please look up the following study;  Cohabitation, Marriage, and Murder:  Woman-Killing by Male Romantic Partners. Todd K. Shackelford is the author. Stay tuned for more! 

      Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:  Colossians 3:5.   What connection could there possibly be between idolatry and pornography? To answer that question, let's go to the book of Ezekiel, chapter 8, verses 5 through 16. In verses 5 through 10, the Lord shows the prophet Ezekiel, "the image of jealousy", which was an idol that provoked the Lord to jealousy. For Israel's idol worship, or idolatry, had become so boldly outrageous that they had brought idols into the very place where God alone was to dwell, and to meet with the High Priest during Atonement which took place once a year. Bible students might be breaking out into a cold sweat just trying to contemplate that. It seems unbelievable, unconscionable, that God's people would do such a thing, but they did. This is still happening today. People that are supposed to be representing Christ Jesus can be, and have been involved in idolatry. See Revelations 2:20. What is so shocking about the afore mentioned passages of scripture is that the people who were supposed to be examples to a world of misguided idol worshippers, were actually committing sins that were, in some cases more offensive to the Lord God than the sins of the ignorant pagan idolaters! Simply put, sometimes, religious people can be doing just as much or more dirt than the people they are supposed to be leading to Christ Jesus! I don't wish to present myself as never having committed any sin. There was only One sinless Man. His name is Jesus Christ! All the rest of us have sinned, and I am no exception to the rule. However, when God opened my eyes to the truth, it was up to me to either ignore His warning, and continue in sin, or repent from my sin. Repent means to stop, and turn from the wrong that a person is doing. I DIDN'T REPENT! I made the wrong choice and have paid a horrible price. Now I can either warn others to turn away from this poison or I can stand quietly by and watch others slowly destroy themselves. I choose to warn others. Frankly, there are very few preachers or pastors who want any affiliation with me, because of my approach to this problem of pornography. As one great man of faith asked, and I'm paraphrasing, "How can you put yourself out there like that?". My approach makes no sense to some members of the clergy. To their mind, it is wrong for a man of faith to confess his past failures to unbelievers, even if these offenses occurred decades ago, as is the case in my situation.  Another televangelist basically said, (paraphrased) that no man of faith should confess his sins to unbelievers. Well, let me explain to those of you who are seemingly so offended, what my purpose is. In Galations 6:1, it reads, Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.   If there is a man who was once in the faith, but lost fellowship with Christ Jesus, and became entangled in pornography, should I, myself, who was once captive to the lust of the flesh, shun this man? How will the man who is laboring under pornography's yoke ever know that the yoke over him can be broken, if I have judged him unworthy of my testimony of deliverance from the very same yoke he now struggles with? I may be able to help a man return to Christ if I would be willing to confess to him, a sinner, that Jesus Christ is the God of reconciliation and restoration! Somebody interceded for my soul when I was lost! Have I somehow become too holy to obey Jude's instructions recorded in Jude 1:22,23, where it reads; 22. And of some have compassion, making a difference: 23. And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.  One of the reasons this website exists is because I believe many men have lost their appreciation for the pursuit of virtue and purity in their relationship with God and their spouses. Part of the disgraceful mindset that has pervaded modern society is due to the spread of pornography. If you don't believe that, let me give you something to think about. If you don't see that so-called Gansta Rap has negatively influenced many people's lifestyles, and subsequently their futures, then you are being unrealistic. It is also true that the spread of pornography has ruined some marriages and families. Now, because this poison can also be found in the homes of the religious minded as well as secular homes, I have invited the church goer as well as the un-churched to view this website. The response has been stunning. The desire for help is much greater than I imagined. So I hope I can share my testimony with the tens of thousands of viewers who I will probably never meet, but it's not about self promotion. It's about the Good Shepherd who left ninety nine sheep to rescue one lost sheep. There was a time in my life, that I was backslidden from The Path of Righteousness. There was a time when I was that lost sheep. I was separated from the sheep fold. The words of a song written by the late Bishop R.C. Lawson speak the sentiments of my heart. Those words are simply this; I was lost, then Jesus found me, I was dead, but now I live, Oh Glory, Glory, Glory, to the Great Eternal God!  One thing I love about the Lord Jesus Christ is that when you are involved in something that you aren't supposed to be involved in, and still go to church every Sunday, and you know you are doing wrong, but continue in sin, He is the One God who will hold you accountable for your sins...even if you don't believe in Him. He has ways to make you see the error of your ways. I thank God for not giving up on me, even when I didn't have a desire to stop sinning, He was merciful to me, and when I would not heed His warnings, He chastised me through judgements that caused me to fear Him. The Lord didn't leave me alone when I was stubborn. He knew how to discipline me in ways that forced me to choose between blessings or problems, smiles or tears, life or death. It is no wonder why King David wrote in Psalm 23:4, as though he himself were a sheep. He wrote in the latter clause of verse 4, thy rod (weapon to battle predators) and thy staff (used to guide the wandering sheep from straying) comfort me! The Lord Jesus is the Good Shepherd who not only protects us, but can lead us by corrective discipline when necessary. My mother used to see me when I was being resistant to the Lord through rebellious behavior. She would admonish me by saying, "Son, don't try to box with God, your arms are too short!" The Lord proved Himself to me through mercy and through chastising me when necessary. When I was in a horrible place in my life, no other god that men worship showed up or did anything for me. I'm not mad at them. Why should I be? They didn't show up. Why and how could they?  They don't exist anyway! When all else failed, and when the best in medical science told me that their was nothing that could be done for me, only Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, stopped by to heal and to help me. Of all the gods that humanity worships, only the Lord Jesus Christ touched and healed my frail frame! No imaginary friend can do what the Living One did for me. I know for a fact that if a person wants to be free from any addiction, the Lord Jesus Christ can make them free indeed!  In Mark 9:23, it reads; Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.      THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. TO BE CONTINUED.

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