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reality has no peer, fantasy is no match for real life.

  There is no fantasy that can equal to reality. There is no war movie that can compare to actual combat. Dreaming of walking out of prison a free person and actually doing it is two entirely different things. Playing a video game of racing cars and driving a thousand horsepower Bugatti are two distinctly different things. Alright already, we get the point!! Fantasy is no match for real life! But if we get the point then why are so many people choosing to point and click at electronically produced images flashed on a lifeless machine, over real life intimacy with a spouse who is sometimes in the very same room? Why fool yourself? Why make yourself an exile in your own home? Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ himself said in John 8:32, And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Whoever you are, know this, that you can be free from the grip of pornography once you know and accept and act upon the knowledge that viewing images on a lifeless(breathless) machine can never truly compete with the warm embrace of a caring spouse. It's one thing to be aware of the truth, many people are, but it seems to be a difference of being aware of something and truly knowing with certainty. If you truly know the truth then you can be set free from the yoke of pornography this day! It is also true that if you constantly pummel your mind with fantasies, you will have a warped concept of real life. In effect, the constant ingesting of fantasies is a willful departure from reality. The late Bishop R.C. Lawson once remarked in a sermon that the ancient Greeks called insanity, "a flight from God." To some their definition seemed to suggest that to go insane was a personal choice, or in other words "the flight" or fleeing was intentional. This would denote a deliberate act of removing one's self from God's path of righteousness. Consider this. A person who continually views pornography is willfully disregarding reality and chooses instead to obsess over and to fixate on a twisted imitation of life. Thus, they shut out reality,(flying away from God) and willfully depart from the truth into a lie. A lie(pornography) generally in which two people who have no mutual love or respect dishonor their own bodies, sometimes, consenting their own deaths. How so you ask? What few viewers realize is that some of the scenes they are watching are in effect suicides, in that the casual sex will result in some of the actors infecting and being infected by the other actors. It is doubtless that some of the S.T.D.'s(Sexually Transmissible Diseases) are incurable and worse yet, deadly. Is this not insane? Choose life. Choose Christ. Please, I appeal to you in all sincerity, of all the books you've read and plan to read in the future, take time to read and apply this verse of scripture to your life, Acts 2:38. It is found in the Holy Bible. 

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