Faith Plus
...and that ye break every yoke. Isaiah 58:6. This website is for those who are determined to add the right works to their faith! Remember, faith without works is dead. James 2:17,20. Welcome to
 Today, many men and women are lost in a self imposed exile that estranges them from their own spouses. They stagger through a world of fantasy and are willfully stranded from the true beauty that surrounds them, and miss true love. One effect of pornography is similar to a symptom of leprosy. A loss of feeling. The true love of the Lamb of God, and His fervent appeal to the longing soul is no longer felt. The true love of a faithful spouse is no longer appreciated, and the soft tug on the sleeve given by an unattended child is so easily ignored with careless insensitivity. But there is hope! Yes, the Light of Christ is still leading men and women all over the world out of darkness, and addictions, compulsions, uncontrollable habits, or what we call (yokes). They are still being broken. Thanks be to God our Lord Jesus Christ, the Resurrection, we rest assured that dead marriages can be brought back to life, and minds deadened by the disfiguring plague known as pornography can be renewed. Do not make the grave mistake of thinking these words are too preachy for this kind of problem, for Christ said, With men this is impossible; But with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26. IT CAN BE DONE! 
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