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NEW !! Also, check out                                                                                                                                         I count it an honor to be allowed to mention the late Bishop Morris E. Golder, on this website. Click on the following; You may be able to purchase some of his sermons by logging on there then click on Audio Catalog where you'll find the names of the speakers in alphabetical order. To find out more about the various lessons and sermons that are available from the late Bishop Morris Golder, call Grace Apostolic Church at ( 317 ) 925 - 8103. Please be patient, because his teachings are greatly treasured by many. Oh, by the way, I was blessed to find several portions of sermons by Bishop Morris Golder on YOU TUBE.  Just type in his name at the YOU TUBE site and enjoy seasoned preaching.                                                                                                                                    If you log on to, you can find a most interesting booklet titled,"101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge". The booklet can be found by first clicking on Store categories, and then by clicking on Featured Products.                                                                                                                                    FINALLY, the establishmentarian of the Churches of our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Bishop R.C. Lawson, can be heard on the internet! All you have to do is go to YOU TUBE's search engine and type in Bishop R. C. Lawson. By far, this man's sermons and books have done so much for my life in opening my understanding to the scriptures and some day in the future, hopefully, more of his works will be released for all to experience. I give thanks to the leadership of the Churches of our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc. in particular, Chief Apostle, Bishop William L. Bonner, Dr. Robert Spellman, and YOU TUBE contributor, Pastor E. Stokes, for making this available to the general public. If you log on to, you can learn more about the dynamic servants of the Lord who bear the name  of the Lord Jesus Christ in times like these.    Recently, I have started to find what I consider priceless recordings on YOU TUBE. and have compiled a list of favorites. They can be heard and viewed by logging on at,  and it should bring you to my channel, from there just click on Favorites. There are some absolutely great messages and some of my favorite songs too. I hope you enjoy them.

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